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Roof Gutter Maintenance – Why Autumn Is The Right Season

The leaves are changing color, the days are getting crisper, and pumpkin spice everything is back in stores. It can only mean one thing – gutter maintenance season is upon us! No, we’re not joking. While many homeowners wait until the spring to take care of their roof gutters, there are a few key reasons why autumn is the best time for roof gutter maintenance. Continue reading to learn why.

1) Leaves Collect on Your Gutter

As the leaves fall, they inevitably land on and collect in your roof gutters. While a few stray leaves here and there won’t cause any problems, a significant build-up of leaves can clog your gutters and prevent them from draining properly. This can lead to water damage to your roof, fascia, and soffit – not to mention an unsightly mess!

2) Winter Weather Is Coming

Winters can be brutal. Ice, snow, and high winds can all take their toll on roof gutters – causing them to become loose or even detach from your roof entirely. If you wait until spring to take care of gutter maintenance, you could end up with severe roof damage that could have been prevented.

3) Spring Showers Bring Flooding Risks

You may be wondering why roofing experts advise against spring roofing maintenance. While spring showers may bring May flowers, they can also increase the risk of flooding if your roof gutters are clogged or not functioning correctly. Heavy rains can cause roof gutters to overflow, leading to water damage to your roof, fascia, and soffit – as well as your foundation and landscaping.

4) Summer Heat Means Increased Fire Risk

During the summer months, the intense heat weakens the gutters. This makes them more susceptible to damage from high winds and storms and the risk of fire if any embers from a nearby barbecue or bonfire land on your roof.

5) Keep Your Home in Tip-Top Shape for the Winter

By having your roof and gutters professionally cleaned and serviced before winter arrives, you can rest assured that your home will be able to weather any storms that come its way. A well-maintained roof also provides a barrier against drafts, keeping your home warmer during the cold winter months.

6) Save Money in the Long Run

Investing in roof and gutter maintenance now will save you money down the line. By regularly cleaning your gutters and repairing any damage, you can avoid more costly repairs or replacements in the future.

While many people put this off until winter sets in, waiting can lead to many problems, as explained above. So, get ahead of the game and take care of your gutters now. Contact Spennato Family Roofing today for quality gutter installation and maintenance services in Levittown, PA. We can help you keep your home safe and sound all season long!

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